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Why you should buy a book instead of expecting it for free?

Why you should buy a book instead of expecting it for free? While promoting my book, I come across people who demand it for free. Maybe many of them are still there in my profile. Dear friends, we writers spend almost whole night to write a particular chapter. Sometimes we work sleepless to bring beauty to the narration. And when we wake up the next morning we realise that we are actually not living our day to day life in order to live our dream i.e. to write the book. Because we are unable to sleep in the nights, we wake up late which results in various health complications like weakness and lack of digestion. Morning time is not suitable for writing because people keep disturbing us throughout the day and therefore we cannot concentrate. When we have completed writing a book, we look for various publishers who may publish our book. But then most of them either rejects the script or demand a certain amount of money (Nearly 45k for perfect publishing). Maybe they are right in their b…

Why we need to live our life when we all have to die?

Failure, a word which brings shame and embarrassment for the one who failed. Each and every one of us has failed at something or the other, at least once in our lifetime. There was a time when I lost almost everything, my five year old relationship, my well established business and most importantly my place in everyone’s life.
You might not have been through any of the above, but for you the failure must be something else. Maybe failing in an important examination or failing in proving your worth in a sport which you couldn’t play well in a district or state level competition. But we all think almost same when we are disappointed and tired. We start looking out for the ways to escape our duties and try our best to not to face those who would laugh on us, or those who had great expectations from us.
At the teenage when we fail, we get inclined to either a positive way out or a negative one. While many of us end up choosing the wrong path. When I failed I saw a saint, who was free from e…