Max Hospital (Shalimar bagh, Delhi) - A hospital where the patient and his attendants are harassed and overcharged.

Max Hospital (Shalimar bagh, Delhi) - A hospital where the patient and his attendants are harassed and overcharged. Please spread this message by sharing it on social media so that people become aware of this hospital and stop risking their lives and the Lives of their near and dear ones.
My father Mr. Kanak Mal Jaisansaria (Hospital Case/ IP.No. 89788) had a minor heart attack and he was advised to go for an angiography test by a Doctor of Max hospital. On same day i.e 12/07/2016 we got the angiography done. Usually patients with blocked artry are treated for Angioplasty (PTCA) or heart surgery during the time of angiography after the Dr. has taken the permission of their attendant. But in my father's case only one artry (RCA) was 100% blocked and the Doctor stated that there was nothing life threatening as the other two arteries were taking the fresh blood to his heart. So we had a choice to get the angioplasty (PTCA) done right away or if we wish we could get it done later-on through some other Doctor after taking the second opinion.
We refused to get the Angioplasty done on the same day as we decided to take a second opinion. They shifted my dad to Cath lab. and said they will discharge him after few hours. I asked the nurses to get him some food or snacks as he had no food since morning that day. The nurses were constantly gossiping, having tea and snacks but not at all interested in taking care of the patient who did not get the angioplasty done. For those who got the angioplasty done were shifted to CCU/ICU and were taken care of very well which indicates that if you are no more fetching income to the hospital, they would not even provide food to the patient.
After 4 hrs. of angiography they shifted my dad to 7th floor in a general ward where my dad requested the nurse that his right had was paining due to the drip on his hand. The drip was fixed very tight and which was preventing the blood flow to his palm. But the nurses informed me to get the billing done before which they will not remove the drip which means that if we do not pay them, they would not remove the drip even if it effects the patients blood flow and health⁠⁠⁠⁠.
I moved to the billing counter and informed the accountant that I had already paid Rs. 11,000 for the angiography. The accountant informed me that I need to pay Rs. 3600 extra for the additional medicines used during the angiography. I told him that the Dr. and the cashier who received the money earlier asked for only Rs. 11, 000 which they said are the fixed charges for angiography then why they are charging extra. The billing guy said "Sir. I can't do anything and if you do not pay at least Rs. 1200 (Discounted price), your patient will not be discharged." It was already 10 pm and my mom was waiting for my father at home. Even my father was not given food so he must be very hungry I paid the amount and got him discharged and his drip removed.
Next day I visited the hospital to take the test reports and the CD of angiography. They asked for Rs. 1,100 if I wanted the CD of angiography. I said I was told that the charges for angiography are Rs. 11,000 (fixed) including everything, even then I paid Rs. 1,200 extra the previous day and now they are again asking Rs. 1,100 for the CD (which is free in all the hospitals in Delhi as it is included in the test reports). But the billing manager said that it's their rule and if I do not pay I will not get the reports. I had to pay and take the reports.
After 2-3 days we took those reports to another Doctor in his private clinic to take a second opinion and he pointed out that the Haemoglobin reports showed that my dad's haemoglobin is 8.1 which seemed unrealistic looking at my dad's condition. We got the Haemoglobin test done once again and to my surprise his haemoglobin was 13.4 this time. Which means that the reports of Max hospital were incorrect and misleading.
I request you to please share this post as much as you can so that it reaches the right authority and the people who are reading it becomes aware of this blood sucking hospital.


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