Woman - A mysterious Miracle

She cried when she was born and with her cried her parents (She cried because she was afraid looking at the outside world for the first time, her parents cried because they never wanted a girl child).

She cried when she started going to school and with her cried her mother (She cried because she was nervous when she saw the school for the first time and she didn't want to go out of her comfort zone and her mother cried because she was happy that her little girl has took her first step out of the house but afraid because now she will have to see all those things which her mother saw throughout her life).

She grew up together grew up her fear (The fear of coping up with this cruel world which she never wanted to face).

When they (boys) constantly looked at her, she was afraid of their looks at her. (Because those looks where not the one which showed care and respect, they had something cruel and dirty in their mind).

She stepped out of her school and moved on to college and with her moved on her safety to survive (Because she knew she has to go alone and the teachers are not at all interested in protecting her).

She tried her best to not to get into any relationship but she couldn't stop her heart from loving that special person who cared for her, who showed that he will not let anyone harm her, who showed that he will protect her, care for her, love her and respect her like no one does.

She smiled, she lived her life to the fullest with that someone special but she sheds enormous tears when she was alone thinking that one day she will have to marry someone else who may or may not love her like the someone special she has in her life now.

She started walking towards the end of the college and then starts her new life at her home. The cooking classes, the work at home, and helping her mom throughout the day. After which what she gets is nothing but some bitter words from her granny but she has become used to it.

She has a fear in her mind. The fear of loosing that someone special forever because her father starts looking for a perfect match for her. The one who will take care of her like her father does. Finally she has to give up on the relationship and choose the one who is chosen by her father.

She cried enormous tears when she has to give up everything (Her family, her freedom, her relationship, and most importantly her house where she took birth and lived for so many years).
She got up early the next day after her marriage and found everyone caring for her, looking for her smile. She did not wanted to smile but she has to. She has to give up and forget her old life and start a fresh one. It was not easy but she did it. She smiled and started everything fresh.

Months passed by and she started feeling something unusual. A constant pain in her tummy, uneasiness and vomits. Her husband took her to the hospital for the tests and found that she is pregnant. Everyone at her new house started talking about the upcoming new member in their family (A boy - expectedly).

She got afraid, she had several questions in her mind. What if its a girl? What if her husbands family doesn't accept a girl child? With that fear she lived for nine months passed and after that she was in  OT (Operation theater) waiting for the doctor to announce that she is now a mother. Everyone outside the OT were praying for a boy but the destiny has something else written in it. It was a girl.

She cried and with her cried her parents.

Chandra Kant Jaisansaria
Author of It's Still Complicated (a true love story)

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