Love means Forgiveness

Forgiveness starts with Love. Imagine why people forgive those who have done something which was unforgivable?

Well, your question will be answered by the following incidents:

1.      A boy stole some money from his father’s wallet because he wanted to buy something which his father won’t allow him to buy. His father came to know about the theft and he called his son. The son, out of his fear agreed to return the money, confessed his wrong doing and promised that he won’t repeat this in future. Father saw the tears of regret in the eyes of his son and forgave him. (Because he loved his son).

Now suppose it was not his son, it was someone else who stole that money from his wallet. What do you think he would have done to the thief, Of course he would have called the Cops and filed a case against him or should have beaten him up or punished in him in some other way. (Because that man doesn’t share any relationship with the thief).

2.      A Man working in MNC was getting late for his office, he hurriedly picked up this car keys and started towards the main gate of his house, suddenly his father stops him and asks him to help him in filling a form of donation. The man gets angry and shouts on his Dad saying “Dad why don’t you understand that I’m getting late for the office, this donation form can be filled in the night also. Why you prioritize your stupid works over my important works?”

He leaves for his office and while going to the office he realizes what he has done. He was feeling sorry for that. He left his office a little early, came home and filled those papers. He sat near his dad and said sorry. His dad did not seek any explanation and forgave him for his mistakes. (Because the father loved his son)

3.      The College guy slapped his Girl Friend when she shouted on him in front of a gathering. The girl left the hall without saying anything. He went home regretting and did not have his dinner that day, in fact he promised himself that he won’t eat anything until his girl come back to him. The girl locked herself in the room last night and she was in no mood to go to college. She was constantly looking at her phone and waiting for a sorry message from her boy friend. Suddenly her mobile’s screen flashed and she read a “Sorry” message from her boy friend. She cried a lot and after few if’s and but they forgave each other. (Because they shared a strong relationship between them and loved each other so much that they cannot live without each other).

4.   Aryan took his brother’s bike without seeking his permission. He rode the bike in the town and suddenly met an accident. He did not get any injury but the bike needed repairing. Aryan silently parked the bike inside his house and went out with his friends. His brother came to know about the accident from some common friend, he got the bike repaired and did not tell anything to his mom.

Aryan came back to home in the evening, he saw the bike was already repaired and he was afraid that his brother would have told about the accident to his mom. And now his mom is going scold him. He went inside the house but no one said anything to him. After his dinner Aryan came to his brother and said sorry, his brother smiled and asked him not to repeat this in future. (Because he loved his brother and he did not wanted him to get scolded for a mistake which he is not going to repeat).

There are many such incidents which happens in your life and you end up forgiving people, because you love them and love means forgiveness.

Chandra Kant Jaisansaria
Author of It's Still Complicated (a true love story)

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