He (Dr. Pankaj Narang) died while teaching his Son

A 7 year child learnt so much from his father, a father who wanted his child to make him feel proud one day.

A child is someone who can be molded and given any shape at the early stage of his life and this is the time when we should give them proper education and learning.

He saw his father watching a cricket match, cheering up his country’s team (The Cricket team of India). He asked his father why he is so much involved in this match and why he is cheering up the team India. The father smiled at him and replied “Son we are Indian’s and the team India is our representative in the battle field of sportsmanship. We need to win to make out country proud and this is the reason I am supporting our team”. The child smiles and shouted Indiaaa Indiaaa …

He learned that India is our country and we have to make it proud, he decided to become someone who will make his country proud.

India won the match against Bangladesh and his father who was a Dentist smiled and said “Son we won”. The child looked at his father and asked “Dad will you play with me, I want to become a cricketer like Dhoni”. His father smiled and took him in the car park and started playing with him.

Suddenly the ball went out of the park and the child ran towards the road to grab the ball, behind him ran his father to make sure that the child do not hit any vehicle running outside.

While picking up the ball, Dr. saw two boys rash driving a bike. He waved his hand to stop them, one of his hands grazed the rider's body and this triggered an argument between them. The child being curious to know what's going on carefully listened to the argument and learned what his father said "Look boys you are too young and energetic, please do not drive carelessly, it may harm you and people around. Use your energy in the right works and help the society and county to grow." The child repeated what his father said and learned that he should use his energy in the upliftment of society and never rash drive.

The bikers after an argument with the Dr. left and the child thought his father was right, we should never rash drive.

The child and his father went back and started playing.

After 15 minutes those boys came with dozens of people and dragged his father out of his house. They started abusing his father and started hitting him with rods, hockey sticks and cricket balls. The child cried looking at his father getting beaten helplessly. He saw his mother was trying to stop the mob, crying and begging them to stop. But they didn’t. The child thought “We should never stop someone from wrong doing. We should rash drive and if someone stops us then we should beat him up. We should have a group of friends who will beat people around and we will be superior and powerful.”

A child can be molded in any shape at the early stage of his life. Do take care that you keep him safe and make him see only those things which he should learn.

Chandra Kant Jaisansaria
Author of It's Still Complicated (a true love story)

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