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I thought she is back...

I thought I should try calling her once again, maybe she will receive the call today. My fingers still remember her number and they raced to dial it. The bell rang this time and seems she has unblocked my number.
She received the call and said "Hello" Hi! Happy Valentine's Day my love, I said Happy Valentine's Day, She replied. Shall we meet today? I asked. Yes, when and where? She enquired. Umm... Kohat Enclave will be fine then we will decide where to go, Okay... she agreed.
We met, I had tears of regret in my eyes, whereas she smiled looking at me. I said "sorry for hurting you so much, sorry for committing so many mistakes, sorry for the misbehavior of mine, sorry for whatever idiotic things I did, but trust me, not a single mini second of this one year I let your memories go out of my heart and soul. I promise I'll never ever make you sad, please now forgive me"
She smiled and said "Now everything seems to be fine, this one year without me has taught…