She is a mother and her son is a brute 😔

At the age of 55 she wakes up daily at 4 am to get ready for work. The age at which she should be cared and respected she gets abused and ill treated. She feels sick and cold but she hides because no one cares.

The age at which everything becomes slow and exhaustive she remains energetic like a teen aged girl. Because she knows that if she will not work, they will not have food to eat.

She cooks food for his son who is actually a brute, yes she calls him a brute because he has no remorse, no regrets, no feelings and ofcourse no emotional attachment with his mother. She still cooks delicious food for him so that he do not feel hungry while pulling his 'Rickshaw' for next few hours.

She feels pity on her grandson and grand daughter who dont have their mom with them as she left them because their father is an alcoholic.

The grandson and granddaughter cares a lot for her, they say that their grandma means everything to them. Their eyes gets filled with tears when they see their father abusing their grandma but being so delicate they donot have strength to stop their father.

She then moves out of her house to wash the utensils at the rich bungalows sometimes wash their floors if they pay her few extra pennies so that she could buy milk for her grandchildren.

Then she comes to my home to cook food for me. She does everything without any crinkle on her face. She smiles and make the food more delicious. But I see her hiding her helplessness as her husband died fighting for the country, he was a soldier.

She told me how she works for 12 hrs and her son takes all the money to buy alcohol and abuses everyone after heaving that poison in his veins. How her son sold the doors of the house which she got built up to secure the future of her son, just to buy that poison.

Being grown in a very high class family I couldn't never feel her pain but understand her situation.

She does all these things everyday, she gets abused every day, she hides her tears and smiles in front of everyone because she doesnt want to be weak. I could only listen to her pain and drop few tears from my eyes when she left after cooking the food for me 😔.

Chandra Kant Jaisansaria
Author of It's Still Complicated (a true love story)

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