New Year ~ A refresh button of your life ☺

Have you ever gave it a thought that why we celebrate new year with so much of happiness?
Why we start wishing everyone a happy new year slightly before the end of the present year?
Why we take new year resolutions?

Well, a new year is a refresh button of your life. You decide what all habits you are going to give up in the new year and what all good things you will inculcate.

There are moments in life which change you forever and there are moments in life when happiness comes knocking the doors and you welcome it with both the hands. New year is such a happiness which knocks and tells us that its coming.

Like people counts the days left for getting married when they get engaged to someone, like people count days left for their birthday. This is the day which everyone waits for, New year.

Marriage, birthday, business achievements are for individual happiness but New year is a happiness for everyone.

We human beings get monotonous doing our daily tasks and jobs, so we decided to not to feel bored and enjoy our new year day with our loved ones.

Some people forget their bitter past and welcome the new ambitions and hopes whereas someone sitting alone at home prays to god that he/she wants his next year to be entertaining and successful and prosperous.

Parents gives blessings to their childern and wish for their successful life and a girl friend is stuck to her boy friend over the phone to be the first one to wish him a Happy new year.

How amazing it it to be with someone whom you love on the new year eve.
Why all this? Just to feel refreshed, get recharged for new ambitions, new challenges and new achievements.

Wish a very Happy New Year 2016.

Giving start to my blog.

Chandra Kant Jaisansaria
Author of It's Still Complicated (a true love story)

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