He is a Muslim and he is an Indian

(09.01.2016) a meeting with Muslim which made me think over his words again and again.

I being in the profession of writing visited World Book Fair held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. To go back home I booked an UBER cab and eventually the cab driver was a Muslim. While discussing issues related to Govt. & the traffic problem in Delhi we switched to the topic of Muslims and Hindus being separated and used as a political pawn to generate vote bank. Mr. Mausin started describing what he feels and he described his feelings like this:

I am a Muslim but before that I am an Indian not Pakistani. They (Political parties) are constantly trying to dilute the image of Muslim religion and trying to depict the Muslims as a threat to the county, but it is not true.
They (political parties) are not culprits alone we Muslims and Hindus collectively are because we do not give proper knowledge of our religion to our successors and hence resulting in hate, discrimination and riots among us.

Let’s understand the similarities between Muslims and Hindus. We Muslims eat meat, so we kill animals (Jeev – in Hindi). I stay in Paschim vihar and once I visited the nearby meat shop and asked the shop keeper about the ratio of Hindus and Muslims who purchases meat from his shop. The shop keeper replied that on Tuesdays his sales goes down by 75%, which means that 75% of people buying meat from his shop are Hindus. So it clearly shows that we (Muslims) cannot be the meat eaters alone, they (Hindus) are equally responsible in killing the animals (Jeev). Let’s say the shopkeeper is not right, and all the Hindus are vegetarians but then also I call them non vegetarian. Why so? because science have proved that whatever grows when it is alive and gets rotten while it is dead is a (Jeev) Living being. So the trees grows when they are alive and gets rotten when they are dead, they are living being (Jeev) and the so called vegetarians have food grown on those trees, they pluck the fruits and give pain to those trees (living beings). So where is the difference between Hindus and Muslims??
The Muslim womens have Burqa while going out of house similarly in Hindus the womens use Ghunghat while going out in of house, where is the difference between Muslims and Hindus??

The Indian Army has both Muslims and Hindus in it; they all fight and sacrifice their lives for the country. Where is the difference between Hindus and Muslims?
Non vegetarian animals have sharp teeth and the vegetarian animals have round teeth which are not comparatively sharp, but we human beings have sharp teeth in front and round teeth (not comparatively sharp) on back side of the mouth. Who made us?? God. Has he given sharp teeth to Muslims and round teeth to Hindus?? No. So, when he did not do any discrimination in making us, we all are similar. Where is the difference in Hindus and Muslims??

Mughals ruled out country for several years but a very few of them ruled India with the intention to loot India. Whereas emperors like Akbar married with many girls from different religions and kept the valuable belongings of our country here itself and safely. They also made many monuments in the country which (mostly) are now included in the heritage of India and fetch us good amount of foreign exchange. But the Britishers came and ruled India with the intentions to loot our country and took all the valuable things from us. Ex. Kohinoor.

Every country with major population of Muslims is suffering from Interference of Britishers till date and therefore when those Muslims try to fight back for peace, they are called as terrorists. But I don’t understand why country like America wants to rule the Muslim countries and keep interfering them after all every country have a freedom to live with peace. When our leaders like Bhagat Singh tried to fight back against Britishers, why can’t Muslim counties like Iran fight for their freedom? Does it mean that those who fight for freedom are terrorists?

I agree that a few of us has hampered the image of Islam by indulging in activities like terrorism, but for this we all as a religion cannot be held responsible. The people of Kashmir constantly get attacked by Pakistani terrorists, but they (Political parties) will say that those terrorists are Muslims. Why don’t they get that the majority of the population of Kashmir is Muslims and the majority of people dying in Kashmir because of those terrorist attacks are Muslims.

I took birth in India, I lived and grownup here. I am not a Pakistani and I am an Indian first and then a Muslim.
Chandra Kant Jaisansaria
Author of It's Still Complicated (a true love story)

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