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He is a Muslim and he is an Indian

(09.01.2016) a meeting with Muslim which made me think over his words again and again.
I being in the profession of writing visited World Book Fair held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. To go back home I booked an UBER cab and eventually the cab driver was a Muslim. While discussing issues related to Govt. & the traffic problem in Delhi we switched to the topic of Muslims and Hindus being separated and used as a political pawn to generate vote bank. Mr. Mausin started describing what he feels and he described his feelings like this:
I am a Muslim but before that I am an Indian not Pakistani. They (Political parties) are constantly trying to dilute the image of Muslim religion and trying to depict the Muslims as a threat to the county, but it is not true. They (political parties) are not culprits alone we Muslims and Hindus collectively are because we do not give proper knowledge of our religion to our successors and hence resulting in hate, discrimination and riots among us.
Let’s unde…

She is a mother and her son is a brute 😔

At the age of 55 she wakes up daily at 4 am to get ready for work. The age at which she should be cared and respected she gets abused and ill treated. She feels sick and cold but she hides because no one cares.

The age at which everything becomes slow and exhaustive she remains energetic like a teen aged girl. Because she knows that if she will not work, they will not have food to eat.

She cooks food for his son who is actually a brute, yes she calls him a brute because he has no remorse, no regrets, no feelings and ofcourse no emotional attachment with his mother. She still cooks delicious food for him so that he do not feel hungry while pulling his 'Rickshaw' for next few hours.

She feels pity on her grandson and grand daughter who dont have their mom with them as she left them because their father is an alcoholic.

The grandson and granddaughter cares a lot for her, they say that their grandma means everything to them. Their eyes gets filled with tears when they see their f…

New Year ~ A refresh button of your life ☺

Have you ever gave it a thought that why we celebrate new year with so much of happiness? Why we start wishing everyone a happy new year slightly before the end of the present year? Why we take new year resolutions?

Well, a new year is a refresh button of your life. You decide what all habits you are going to give up in the new year and what all good things you will inculcate.

There are moments in life which change you forever and there are moments in life when happiness comes knocking the doors and you welcome it with both the hands. New year is such a happiness which knocks and tells us that its coming.

Like people counts the days left for getting married when they get engaged to someone, like people count days left for their birthday. This is the day which everyone waits for, New year.

Marriage, birthday, business achievements are for individual happiness but New year is a happiness for everyone.

We human beings get monotonous doing our daily tasks and jobs, so we decided to no…